Information Society Services

As part of the “REGULATION ON THE WEBSITES TO BE LAUNCHED BY THE EQUITY COMPANIES” as published in the Official Gazette of 31.05.2013 and No. 28663;  


b) Information Society Service: Online services provided in the electronic medium for a fee or free of charge without meeting physically,

h) Centralized Database Service Provider (CDSP): As per Article 1524 of the Turkish Commercial Code of 13/1/2011 and No. 6102 and the Regulation on the Websites to Be Launched by the Equity Companies, it refers to the private law legal entity carrying out the other activities determined by the Ministry, including keeping in the secure medium the contents required to be accessed in the dedicated section of the websites of the companies, keeping them ready for access by the companies and archiving.

Please click here to go to ARVES Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. Information Society Services.

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