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Advanced Real estate Valuation & Evaluation Services


ARVES Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. Was established on 02.10.2012 in İzmir by 5 partners, who are famous for their operations in the valuation sector, desire to create innovations in the real estate and machinery valuation field, are young, dynamic and self-proclaimed specialists, in a structure proceeding with the philosophy of ‘safety in numbers’ and caring not ‘me’ but ‘us’, and within the framework of the ethical principles suitable for valuation.

ARVES’s extensive knowledge is based on its experience and expertise it has achieved through its labour at every stage of valuation. It received its CMB license (by virtue of the decree of 10.12.2012 and No. B.02.6.SPK.0.17.00-415.01 [ARVES-…]-566) within 2 months, and BRSA license (by virtue of the decree of 10.04.2013 and No. 43890421-140-118-9264) within 6 months following its establishment.

Valuation is an “Interprofessional Discipline” by its very nature. ARVES has combined the techno-professional disciplines that are very close to the nature of valuation and guide the sector with corporateness since its establishment through a professional view to the real estate valuation.

Having been established under a corporate structure, ARVES contributes to the development of the valuation sector as its basic philosophy. Containing within itself specialists from various professional disciplines, ARVES provides any and all kinds of public and private, natural and legal entities and institutions with the independent and objective estimation of the probable value on a certain date of the real estates, real estate projects and real estate based rights and benefits as well as the valuation and consultancy services in the areas such as real estate related market research, feasibility work, analysis of real estate and legal status of attached rights, analysis of the value of any waste lands and developed projects, and the analysis of the highest and the best use value; and also deals with the works specified in its articles of association.

The “valency” factor having as much importance as “ownership” in the real estate world makes up of the main area of activity of our company.

ARVES provides professional services on valuation of any real estates (such as land, plot, residence, mass housing, hotel, factory, hospital, port, etc.) as well as on machinery valuation.

ARVES’s knowledge in Real Estate and Machinery Valuation is based on field -> office / expertise -> supervision / full-time staff -> solution partner -> CMB – BRSA licensed Corporate Company partnership / assistant valuation specialist -> residence -> real estate and responsible valuation expertise, shortly on its experience and expertise it has achieved through its labour at every stage of valuation.

Our objective is to reach up from İzmir - Aegean Region based boutique valuation to Turkey and the world by focusing on our knowledge and emotions in our work, in the light of science within an ethical and effective process in order to “Go Beyond Success” in the field of Real Estate and Machinery Valuation.

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