Valuation Ethics

Code of Conduct Required from Valuation Specialists

  • Independent and impartial: He/she should not deviate from the principle of impartiality, discriminate, have prejudice, take care of his/her own interests.

  • Honesty: He/she should adhere to the principle of honesty in its dealings with the end users of the service, and the persons and institutions that assist in the work.

  • Competence: The specialist should have sufficient knowledge, competence and experience to carry out the services. The specialist should accept works that are appropriate for his/her competence, and should not be misleading about his/her qualifications.

  • Confidentiality and Secrecy: He/she should adhere to the principle of confidentiality related to the works.

  • Conflict of Interest: The specialist should not cause any conflict of interest while performing his/her duties.

  • Adherence to Standards: He/she should provide service quality within the framework of the international valuation standards.