Real Estate Valuation

Our company, ARVES Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık A.Ş., has been authorized in the Real Estate Valuation field by the Capital Markets Board by virtue of the decree of 10.12.2012 and No. B.02.6.SPK.0.17.00-415.01 [ARVES-…]-566), and by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency by virtue of the decree of 10.04.2013 and No. 43890421-140-118-9264.  As regards the authorizations specified above, our company refers to;

“The service company operating in the field of valuating through the valuation specialists who have the knowledge and experience to valuate a real estate, real estate project or the rights and benefits attached to the real estate on a certain date, independently and impartially, by analyzing the nature of the property, the market and environmental conditions affecting this value, and to report thereof in written within the framework of the internationally accepted valuation standards, and which is identified as a real estate valuation organization by Law.”

It estimates and appraises the trading value of an asset or liability in the organized markets, in the event that there is not an organized market as such, or this value does not come up in the organized market, then the Fair Value (Market Value)  which the informed and bidder parties shall offer each other in the bargaining environment, free of collusion, with respect to handover of the relevant asset or performance of the obligation.

Market Value (Sound Value) Valuation Studies; This is the amount of a property that has to be handed over in a trading operation which the bidder-seller and the bidder-buyer shall carry out under the conditions where the parties shall not be affected by any relationship, without any constraint, as prudent and informed individuals, on the valuation date following an appropriate marketing. Market Value is the valuation of the analysis results achieved by using the methods approved by the Valuation Specialist among the approaches such as “Reconstruction Cost Method”, “Benchmarking Method“, “Income Capitalization Method” and “Project Development Method”.

Upon the development of the real estate sector, the importance of the real estate values in the economy has increased, and the reports reflecting the real value of the immovables have gained an indisputable importance in the economic life.

Valuating the real estates and reflecting their values to taxes is one of the most important economic bases of the developed societies. The real estate valuation is important not only for economic reasons. In addition to the economy, it is necessary to comprehend the importance of the issue in terms of rural and urban land regulations, urban transformation and expropriations.

The valuation of the real estates that constitute the source of the real estate based financial instruments is a job that requires full expertise. It is of great importance that the valuation work is carried out by the informed, educated, licensed, experienced individuals, and by the companies employing these individuals and that have been established to this end.

The staff, who have been employed by our company, ARVES Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık A.Ş., have an active role in the valuation activity, the required knowledge, professional competence and skills, carry out their duties  within the framework of professional care and diligence, in adherence to the principles of honesty, integrity, confidentiality, impartiality and independence, away from benefit relations, without allowing any interference that would affect their neutrality, and  in a fully independent approach. In order to ensure that the valuation activity is of the best quality and that a full and accurate opinion can be reported at the end of the valuation process, the work carried out is reviewed and monitored at every stage. After the reports are checked by the control unit, they are delivered to the end user after having been approved by the Responsible Valuation Specialist, who has at least 10 percent share in the company and is authorized by the board of directors to sign the valuation report.  

In addition to the real estate transactions of the publicly traded companies and the real estate investment trusts, the real estate valuation is also important in terms of the mortgage loans and the mortgage based asset transactions. It is seen that the valuation service may have an important role especially in the real estate based loan collaterals and in the securization of the mortgage loans. In addition, it is seen that the valuation issue and the valuation specialty may have an increasingly important role in company acquisition operations, company mergers, consultancy services, in the periodical valuation of the assets in the balance sheet, especially the fixed assets, and the asset valuation in the banking sector.

REAL ESTATE VALUATION REPORT has a life-saving effect before operations such as real estate buying / selling / leasing etc..

You cannot make a conscious step without having information on the fair value as well as the legal status of the real estate.

Real Estate: Refers to the land covered under the immovable property by virtue of Article 704 of the Turkish Civil Code of 22/11/2001 and No. 4721, the independent and permanent rights recorded on a separate page in the land registry, and the independent sections registered in the property ownership register. Real Estate (or Immovable) is a word that has been passed into Turkish from Arabic. It is derived from the word transfer (moving) in Arabic. With a negativity prefix, it means something that cannot be moved. Its synonym is immovable. Immovable property refers to properties that cannot be moved from one place to another. Real estate, which is a term of property law, is often used as an economic term. It is commonly used as the general name of a land, plot, building, apartment, office, residence, villa, factory and similar values.

Real Estate Valuation: It is valuation of of the possible value of a real estate, real estate project or the rights and benefits attached to the real estate on a certain date, independently and impartially.

Our Real Estate Valuation Services

  • Real Estate Valuation

  • Commercial Real Estate Valuation

  • Valuation for Housing Finance

  • Valuation for IFRS (Financial Reporting)

  • Real Estate Development

  • Valuation for Insurance Value

  • Portfolio Valuation

  • Valuation for Portion of Inheritance

  • Valuation for Taxable Real Estates

Valuated Real Estates

  • Lands (Zoned or Non-Zoned)

    • Yard

    • Garden

    • Agricultural Area

    • Greenhouse

    • Private Forest

    • Land (not bearing a structure under the zoning plan) etc.

  • Residences and Offices

    • Residence

    • Office

    • Bureau

    • Detached Residential Building

    • Store

    • Plaza

    • Business center

    • Shopping Center etc.

    • Mansion

    • Classics

    • Pavilions etc.

  • Energy and Fuel Stations

    • Fuel/LPG Stations (Usufruct Valuation / Fuel/LPG Station Operating Valuation / Fuel/ LPG Station Investment Feasibility / Fuel/LPG Station Lease Value Valuation,

    • Refinery

    • Fuel Storage Facilities

    • Hydroelectric Power Plants

    • Other Energy Facilities etc.

  • Production and Industry Properties

    • Plant

    • Workshop

    • Warehouse

    • Hangar Structures

    • Factory

    • Ovine and Bovine Farms

    • Chicken Farms etc.

  • Real Estates Used for Service Purposes

    • Hospital

    • Health Facility

    • Polyclinic

    • Health Center

    • Health and Fitness Centers

    • School

    • Private Teaching Institution

    • Student Dormitories

    • Hotel (Resort Hotel / Golf Hotel / Spa Hotel / Apart Hotel / Motel / Holiday Village / Hostel / Entertainment Centers)

    • Accommodation Facility

    • Motorway Recreation Facilities

    • Culture Facility

    • Library

    • Movie Theater

    • Theater Hall

    • Art Gallery

    • Show Centers

    • Wedding Halls

    • Registry Offices

    • Sports Complex

    • Parking Lots etc.

  • Quarries and Mines

  • Structures for Logistic Use

  • Agricultural Enterprises

  • Recreation Areas

  • Marina and harbors

  • Valuation of Real Estate Project, Rights and Benefits Attached to Real Estate

  • Composite Structures

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