We provide a wide range of professional real estate and machine consultancy services to the owners, investors (individual investors, institutional investors, etc.), users, construction companies, project developers, credit institutions, public and private institutions, and all sectors in need of real value, within the framework of project development, procurement, leasing, best use and investment analysis / alternatives evaluations.

We are with you any time you need to ensure that you manage your real estate and machinery portfolio with real values in the light of knowledge and science in your real estate and machinery development activities as well as real estate and machinery investments.

Valuating the real estates capitalized for companies, procured or leased according to the new accounting standards, operation of the real estate portfolio, development of projects for the idle ones, correct organization of the company’s financial structures, which is the most important pillar of the institutionalization required by the new financial regulations such as BASEL II and the amendment of the Turkish Commercial Code diversify the real estate valuation needs. We provide professional valuation and consultancy service with regard to all needs.


The Most Effective and Most Efficient Use Analysis

The use of a property that is physically feasible, legally improvable, financially and economically meaningful and that ensures the highest return is “the most effective and most efficient” use of the property. The most important concept affecting the value is the most effective and efficient use.  The Legally permitted; Physically possible; Financially applicable are defined as the use with maximum efficiency among the alternative uses tat are reasonably possible and supported sufficiently.

The most effective and most efficient use analysis should include answers to the following key questions:

  • What is physically possible?

  • Is the use a reasonable and possible use?

  • What is legally permitted?

  • Is the use legal, and is there any possibility of obtaining a legal right for the use?

  • Should the property be developed, expanded, transformed or demolished?

  • Is the property be physically suitable for the use and/or can be it be made suitable for the use?

  • What is financially applicable?

  • What provides the highest investment returns?

  • Can the use of the proposed functions and distributions be realized financially and economically?

The use that meets all of the above criteria and provides the most return to its owner and/or user economically is determined as the “most effective and most efficient” use. Sometimes the alternative uses of the property can give the same economic result. In this case, the property owner’s preferences are taken into account. The analysis is described in the report along with the declared assumptions, and submitted together with our professional opinion.


Project Valuation + Feasibility

The data collection and reporting processes regarding valuation have direct impact depending on the purpose of the real estate valuation. Apart from the valuation of the market fair value, the studies requested for the legal status, productivity analyzes and project development purposes are made up of more comprehensive and detailed data collection and analysis processes. Such reports are of vital importance for the future of the immovable or the immovable projects, and are often used as a decision-making component that is frequently applied particularly by financial institutions, investment and construction companies.

In case of deciding on a new investment, the investors, implementers and finance providers need feasibility studies. The real estate investment decisions are made, implemented or can be abandoned based on these feasibility studies. The feasibility studies conducted prior to the investment decisions may prevent possible losses.

They are included in the whole implementation process starting from the project development, site selection processes. In this process, we can summarize the project valuation consultancy services provided by our company under the following headings;

  • Project feasibility analyzes for the investment projects,

  • “The Best and Most Efficient Use” analyzes for the real estate projects,

  • Examination of the land registry records, cadastral and zoning conditions and other statutory obligations in the real estate projects, and if any, issuing a due diligence report or opinion report to rectify the problematic issues,

  • In order to start the construction of the real estate based projects, determining that the zoning condition, the legal procedure are obeyed, and the necessary documents are fully and accurately available,

  • Rectification of the contradictions with the laws and relevant legislations emerging in the legal conditions of the real estates,

  • Market research on the type of real estates in the project, the project site selection, sales process, conformity of the project to the urban fabric, social economic structure, and if any, the regional characteristics that create the demand,

  • Valuation for the trade of the real estates, rights and real estate based projects included in the portfolio,

  • Project development for the idle real estates, and analyzes of efficiency and feasibility according to these projects,

Real Estate Legislation Consultancy

All kinds of technical or legal written norms in the laws, regulations and by-laws, especially the Constitution, that mention the property right constitute the Real Estate Legislation. Real estate and property rights are included in approximately 4,000 different laws, they are subject of the administrative procedures. Our company provides consultancy services on all issues related to the real estate legislation through its professional knowledge, market experience and partners.

In the field of the real estate law, we provide service with our real estate consultants having command of the real estate law and title deed legislation and our legal department from which we receive professional support.

In all stages of real estate and real estate projects, while the due diligence researches are performed, the legal conditions and compliance to legal procedures are determined by examining the land registry, cadastral and zoning conditions and the other statutory obligations, and if any, a due diligence report or opinion report is prepared to rectify the problematic issues, and the technical or legal problems encountered are analyzed.  Suggestions are put forward for rectification of the contradictions with the laws and relevant legislations, determination of their effect on the real estate and solution thereof within the system in our country.

In this context, the following consultancy services are provided;

  • Valuation, investigation of the property rights, and consultancy on these rights,

  • Consultancy on the land registry and cadastral operations,

  • Valuation, investigation of the full / restricted estates, and consultancy on these rights,

  • Consultancy on the zoning legislation,

  • Consulting on information on the building inspection, license, housing etc.,

  • Consulting on cooperatives,

  • Legal consultancy on the sale/leasing of real estates,

  • Consultancy on the status of the registered real estates in the company assets in cases of merger, assignment, liquidation, bankruptcy, concordatum, retirement of a partner from the partnership,

  • Consultancy on the status of the real estate against the legislation in cases of privatization, expropriation, etc.,

  • Consultancy on the status of the real estate, real estate projects and rights and benefits attached to the real estate, and the machinery and equipment against various legal provisions,

  • Consultancy on announcement of the changing legislation provisions through various means.



Expert: Refers to the real or private law legal entity to whom people apply to receive his/her vote and opinion orally or in written in cases which require solution, expertise, special or technical information.

Having Specialty (Specialization) and Qualification (Competence), Impartiality and Honesty qualifications, within the scope of Real Estate and Machinery Valuation and Consultancy, the following professional Expertise Services are provided upon request;

  • Identifying the non-agreed situations,

  • Identifying the issues that shall eliminate conflicts,

  • Deciding on ways to eliminate disputes.


Consultancy Service for Portion of Inheritance

Thanks to the independent valuation services we provide in order to prepare a sharing model by valuating for fair portion of the real estates obtained through succession of inheritance among the beneficiaries, the inheritance disputes between the beneficiaries can be solved without going to court process. Valuating the market value of the real estates obtained as inheritance and if they are joint-owned, valuating their share or unit value, and if any, determining the legal problems with respect to the real estates as well as making valuation suggestions for the real estates obtained by the beneficiaries by inheritance are among the services we provide.

General information on the manner of portion of inheritance;  

  • The descendants of the legator, i.e. his/her children and grandchildren, have equal shares on the inheritance. If one of the children of the legator died before him/her, the inheritance is received by children of the late legatee through succession. In other words, if the legator has 3 children and a grandchild from his/her 4th child having died prior to him/her, the 3 children and 1 grandchild have equal shares on the inheritance.

  • The father and mother of the legator can be legatees in the event that the legator does not have descendants. The father and mother of the legator that does not have descendants can be heirs. The father and mother of the legator have equal shares on the inheritance. If one of them died before the legator, the late legatee is replaced by the descendants through succession.

  • The grandparents of the legator can be legatees only in the event that the father, mother and descendants of the legator are not alive. In case of the death of grandparents, the descendants become legatees through succession.

  • If the legal paternity has established between the bastard child and the legator, the child’s heirship continues as the legal heirs. The bastard children have equal shares on the inheritance as the legal children.

  • The most important factor in determining the overall shares of inheritance is whether the inheritor’s spouse is alive or not. If the surviving spouse is a heir together with the legator’s children and grandchildren, he/she receives ¼ of the inheritance. If the surviving spouse is a heir together with the legator’s mother and father, he/she receives ½ of the inheritance. If the surviving spouse is a heir together with the legator’s grandparents and descendants, he/she receives ¾ of the inheritance.

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